IMPACT 2018 - Create * Cultivate * Celebrate


We are more than a church: (Acts 17:10,11)  We are a community of faith seeking to be the love of Jesus to the diverse community around us. Established August 11, 1850 during the Abolitionist Movement by a racially mixed group of people who were committed to spiritual and social change. Later as a station on the “underground railroad,” and from our inception Berean has been a church of people just like you - real folk on a real journey to connect with God. A Church of Worship, Witness and Work for our Savior and Lord Jesus Christ. Our focus for the year of 2018 continues to be building real & lasting relationships beginning with God, our family, friends, church and our community. We are full of intentionally seeking to be greater stewards and studiers of God’s word and we are definitely the "Happy Church!" A congregation that is welcoming, smiling and excepting of all that enter our doors  with praise and thanksgiving. We have activities for the entire family along with fellowship ministries for Seniors, Men , Women, Young Adults and Children and 30  different ministries and or committee’s to choose from to serve our God and  witness to the world.   Berean is presently under the dynamic leadership of our Senior Pastor, Dr. Arlee Griffin, Jr., and the Reverend Trevor A. Hyde, Jr., serves as our Associate Pastor. 

In Berean, “It’s All About Real Relationships!” Mark 12:30-31