• Fellowship – Ministries cultivates and encourages our members to belong . Each member is automatically listed as part of our fellowship ministries (MEN, WOMEN, YOUNG ADULT, YOUTH and SENIORS) for they are grouped by gender for adults and generations for the younger & Seniors of our church. These groups address issues and concerns pertaining to their gender and generation as well as give service to the community and church. As to build real and true relationships among the population of the church.

  • Worship - Cultivates an environment of giving glory to God and ushers and welcomes the presences of God through the Holy Spirit in our worship experiences together.

  • In-Reach - Ministries serve in specific areas of our church such as the sanctuary, sharing in newborn dedications, as gatekeepers, lending to hospitality, giving counsel and sharing in church life issues that compliments the church's overall ministry.

  • Out-Reach - Ministries proclaim the Word of God to the church in general, community, family and to the uttermost ends of the earth. By taking the Gospel and helps beyond the walls of the church and giving hope through assisting others in areas of need and through proclamation.

  • Discipleship –Ministries provides instruction and training to our overall Christian and spiritual needs lending to the growth of making disciples. As well as the orientation of our New Members in preparation for membership in the Lord's House and work.

  • Community Development - Ministries provides programs, guidance, information and development to the whole family. These opportunities empowers, encourages, equips as well as enhance mankind to seek better for their lives while building up community values and productivity.

  • Leadership – are recommended by the Senior Pastor and are the ordained and consecrated arm of the church that officiates over the well being of the church to keep it alive and addressing the needs and concerns of the membership and community at large.




[You will find that some Ministries serve in dual areas of Ministry - Please note: ALL MINISTRIES have an assigned or chosen
Outreach Ministry for which they give service ] 



Partners in Prayer / GODS Helping Hands / Floral Beautification / Media / Berean Broadcaster / Counseling Pastoral Support / Parenting/ Nurses/ Transportation / King’s Kids / Girl Scouts

Choirs/ Music / Ushers/ Hospitality-Greeters/ Security/ Media/ Ministry of Sacred Dance

Brotherhood - MAN UP/ Sisterhood / Senior Adults / Young Adults - Emerge/ Teens/ Children

Mission/ Missionaries /Evangelism /Social Services / American Baptist Women / 
GODS Helping Hands / Christian Endeavor / Agape

Sunday School / Bible Institute & Study / Christian Education / New Members & Discipleship/ Stewardship / Healing Waters

Berea Federal Credit Union / Berean Comm. & Family Life Ctr. / Housing Development Corp.

Diaconate / Trustees / Associate Ministers / Staff Servant / Church Council